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Current Project

Audio Bible Recording and FREE Distribution

This year of 2016 His Dream International is working on recording a high quality audio bible that we'll be distributing for FREE. Any organization interested in reproducing this recording will be able to do so royalty free!  All we ask is that it is done for free distribution in an attempt to spread the Gospel. Help support this project by clicking the "MAKE A DONATION" link above. 


HDI distributes Hundreds of bibles to those without one. We never want anyone to go without a bible and its in our mission to make sure we provide anyone we can with a bible. If you are in need of a bible please email us at HDI@hisdream.org

His Dream

HDI helps hundreds of people. We supply clothes, food, and hygienically products to those in need. We also give them the Christian materials they need to help them understand how much God loves them and wants to see them be successful. 


christian Materials

HDI Distributes FREE devotionals and Christian materials to help people grow in their faith and spiritual walk with the lord. Please take a moment to look through our free materials to help grow your relationship with the Lord.