His Dream International

           .....Fulfilling God's dream....Habakkuk 2: 14

HDI help hundreds of less privileged people. We supply clothes, food, and hygienically products to those in need. We also give them the Christian materials they need to help them understand how much God loves them and want to see them be successful.​

Send Bibles to the people that need them.

We send free bibles to churches and evangelical ministries in Africa and around the world for people who just became Christians and need them. Many of these new Christians in Africa and other parts of the world cannot afford a bible or do not have access to the internet to access free online bible. For us to continue to send thousands of free bible copies to these precious souls that have come into the kingdom, your donation of any amount will be much appreciated.

HDI Distributes Christian materials to help people grow in their faith and spiritual walk with the lord. We send Christian materials like books to individuals and public libraries in the United States. Some of these books are placed in public Libraries in the United States where people can have access to them.

Helping underprivileged




Bible Distribution

christian Materials

HDI distributes thousands of bibles to individuals for free. We send bibles to Africa and other parts of the world to churches, evangelical ministries, and individuals who need bibles. Many in Africa and other parts of the world who give their life to Christ do not have access to the internet for a free online bible and cannot afford a bible, so we provide bibles for them.